2025 CASE Academy of Law and Leadership Coming - April 2025
Academy of Law and Leadership


Event dates and location are coming soon!



Here's a glimpse of what the 2024 Law and Leadership Academy included.

Take a look at what our attendees said about the Academy of Law and Leadership in 2024.

  • "Great review of very current cases."
  • "Mrs. Weatherly is an excellent speaker."
  • "I liked how the two presenters took turns and gave us the perspective from the educator and then from the attorney."
  • "The presenter gave real examples and engaged us through interactive tools."
  • "Loved the keynote speakers and collaborative sessions with legal counsel and special education leaders."
  • "Nice to see the collaboration between special education leaders and legal counsel; could have listened for hours."


Join us in creating a safe and respectful environment for all attendees through our event code of conduct. We believe that every individual deserves to feel comfortable and welcomed. Let's work together to ensure a positive and inclusive experience for everyone. By participating in CASE events, individuals agree to: 
  • Be kind and professional
  • Use welcoming and inclusive language
  • Be respectful of differing viewpoints and experiences
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