CASE is THE VOICE of special education leadership with over 5,100 members nationwide and across multiple provinces.                          

The Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE) is an international  professional organization committed to visionary leadership, inclusive practices, engagement, and integrity. As the voice of special education leadership, 
CASE routinely engages with federal agencies, national coalitions, and partner organizations representing our members. This focus on national policy and advocacy supports lasting solutions that continues to drive the profession forward!


  Networking.  Professional Learning.  Advocacy.  Resources.  Savings.


 Annual CASE Conference, SLC 2022.


How To Join CASE

STEP 1 - As A Professional - Choose one of three options for membership - Being A MEMBER of CEC is the FIRST STEP

STEP 2 - As A Professional - Select CASE as your DIVISION of choice..

  BASIC                                                              FULL                                                                          PREMIER                                                          

Join CEC for $80/year + CASE $60/year

CASE & CEC Membership = $140/year

Join CEC for $135/year + CASE $60/year  

CASE & CEC Membership = $195/year

Join CEC for $215/year + CASE $60/year

CASE & CEC Membership = $275/year


  More Information on BASIC Membership       More Information on FULL Membership              More Information on PREMIER Membershi